1. Superman Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

    Premier Rides Launched Coaster

    Length: 863 ft

    Height: 150 ft

    Inversions: 1

    Speed: 62 mph

    Photo by Andrew Kirby.

  2. Mystery Mine (Dollywood)

    Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter

    Length: 1,811 ft

    Height: 85 ft

    Inversions: 2

    Speed: 46 mph

    Photo by Coasterimage.

  3. Iconic Colossus Closing

    Yes, it’s sad but true. What was billed as “the greatest coaster in the world” will be closing permanently August 16, according to banners around Magic Mountain.

    This classic woodie was featured in National Lampoon’s Vacation, as well as in many other movies and TV shows.

    Could this mean that the long-speculated Iron Colossus is on its way? It’s certainly possible, but nobody knows for sure. No matter what replaces it, Colossus will forever be missed.

    International Amusement Devices, Inc. Woodie

    Length: 4,325 ft

    Height: 125 ft (115 ft Drop)

    Inversions: 0

    Speed: 62 mph

    Photo by Eric Hernandez.

  4. Blue Streak (Cedar Point)

    Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters Woodie

    Length: 2,558 ft

    Height: 78 ft (72 ft Drop)

    Inversions : 0

    Speed: 40 mph

    Photo by Bellzatk.

  5. Incredible Hulk (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

    B&M Sitting Coaster

    Length: 3,700 ft

    Height: 110 ft (105 ft Drop)

    Inversions: 7

    Speed: 67 mph

    Photo by Zach Clarke.

  6. Dragon (Ocean Park)

    Arrow Dynamics Looping Coaster

    Length: 2,694 ft

    Height: 67.3 ft

    Inversions: 3

    Speed: 47.9 mph

    Photo by stephenk1977.

  7. Fahrenheit (Hersheypark)

    Intamin Vertical Lift Coaster

    Length: 2,700 ft

    Height: 121 ft

    Inversions: 6

    Speed:  58 mph

    Photo by shawnmeyer12.

  8. Banshee (Kings Island)

    B&M Inverted Coaster

    Length: 4,124.1 ft

    Height: 167 ft (150 ft Drop)

    Inversions: 7

    Speed: 68 mph

    Photo by Steven Franczek.

  9. Griffon (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

    B&M Dive Coaster

    Length: 3,108 ft

    Height: 205 ft

    Inversions: 2

    Speed: 71 mph

    Photo by Zach Clarke.

  10. Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

    Vekoma SLC

    Length: 2,260.5 ft

    Height: 109.3 ft

    Inversions: 5

    Speed: 49.7 mph

    Photo by me.